A baby that had "absorbed" her twin before being born grew up to be a beautiful woman with an unusual appearance

33-year-old Taylor from the USA has always been sure she should have had a twin sister. When she was a child, she used to ask her mother, where her sister was. The woman was utterly surprised by those questions: Taylor was her only child, and she had never gave birth to another baby, dead or alive.


Taylor has a peculiar appearance: the right part of her body is more pink than the left one: sometimes people are born with this kind of pigmentation. The girl also has some unusual health issues.

Since she was 15, Taylor has been suffering from depression and sudden mood swings. She had to keep a special diet and exercise less than her peers. She often got sick, had fever or nausea, strong menstrual pains. Moreover, she became allergic to some products, but the allergy showed itself only on one side of her body.


In 2009 she accidentally found a documentary that left her perplexed. It was a story of a girl who had symptoms similar to hers. Doctors had diagnosed her with chimerism - meaning, the presence of different genetical material among her body cells.


The next day Taylor went to see a doctor. Medical tests confirmed her guesses. She turned out to have two different immune systems, two different blood types, because she had absorbed her twin sister inside her mother's utero. It is an extremely rare health condition, but it explains all her symptoms.


Taylor felt a lot better after she had found out the truth. Now she is not ashamed of her body and even dares to wear bikini and participate in photo shoots.


Source: youtube